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To help you make the best questions and attract tons of answers, we’ve created a short guide with our Top 10 Tips for using Answer4img.

1. Photo Quality

How good is the quality of the photo that you’re uploading? Taking a reasonably good photo is not that difficult. You can take it with your mobile phone or a professional camera.

You have to make sure that it’s clear, the object of the picture is identifiable and it doesn’t infringe any copyright law. For more info on how to take good photos, please read our guide on taking good pictures.

2. Categories

When you want to upload a photo on Answer4img, use the Add Yours link in the top navigation bar. You will be directed to a page where you have to pick the category where your question belongs. Make sure your picture is representative to the category so you won’t mislead the other users.

3. Short Description

On Answer4img, we let you add a short description to your question. This can be used as a title and make the direct question there. Make sure that you stay relevant, clear and concise, you only have 100 characters.

4. Long Description

Do you want to give more information on the photo and hints for the community? You can use the long description box.

5. Open question

If you are really interested in an answer, don’t make a question which leaves the other users the opportunity to reply with Yes or No. Instead, ask for more details with questions like: “What is..”; “How can you…”; “Why is…”; “Who can/ knows…”

6. Spelling & Grammar

We understand that you might be visiting us from anywhere in the world and we’re sure the other users won’t be bothered by innocent spelling mistakes. However, please make sure that you always ask clear questions and if you’re not sure you can always use Google or a spelling check software. We recommend Reverso, it’s fun and free!

7. Be respectful and decent

Please pay attention to the tone of voice and be respectful to the other community members. Consult our Terms of Service and don’t forget that we have a Not Safe For Work (NSFW) section if you want to post any content specific to +18 years old.

8. Proof-read

Is your question ready to be published? Give a quick read and look for anything else that you might want to change/ correct.

9. Respond to feedback

Are you already signed-up to Answer4img? Whether you uploaded a photo or answered a question, it’s customary to answer to feedback. To keep updated to your conversations, make sure you have the Notifications option activated in your Profile Settings.

10. Share on social media

Lastly, but not least important is social media. We strongly encourage you to keep the conversation alive by sharing your questions or any other interesting photos on social media. Who knows, maybe you’ll get more answers!

Do you want to know more about commenting on other users’ photos? Check our guide for giving useful answers!

Answer4img is operated by synchronized multi-integration media (a division of) The Buckmaster Institute, Inc. Hope you enjoy!

Contact us or simply follow us on twitter at @answer4img. Here are the terms of service, the privacy policy and the change log for the website. We also have a help section.

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