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Answer4img isn’t about showcasing your photography skills. Answer4img’s mission is to help you find answers to any questions that you might have regarding the subject of a picture that you have taken or stumbled upon. The most important aspect is to make sure that you have a good quality photo, which clearly shows your subject and makes it easy to find the answer to.

Camera or smartphone, it’s your choice!

It doesn’t really matter which tool you use to take the photo. Whether you have a professional camera or phone (you can even scan a printed photo!), what the community cares about is to be able to distinguish what it is that you are trying to take a snap of.

Light, light, light!

Light is key to a good photo. We all know the rule: when taking the picture in daylight, keep the sun at your back, when taking the picture at night, you might want to use a flash.

Still, there is more to it. Lightning is a valuable as the camera that you are using. Natural light is the best option for taking photos outdoor or indoor. If you are choosing to take your picture inside, place your subject near the window, raise the blinds and make sure you get in as much sunlight as possible.

If no sunlight is available, you can create artificial light using lamps. Because artificial light tends to be uneven, you will want to test it and place the lamps in such a way that it fully lights your subject.

Take this example: your source of lightning is coming from the ceiling. You will need to find another lamp to point from the other side to balance it out.

What’s your perspective?

Just like the case of any family photo, briefly think of your subject before you shoot. You are the master behind the camera, and the camera is your tool. To make sure your photo transmits the exact thing you want it to show, visualise what you want your photo to look like before you take it.

Eliminate all distractions that might take the focus off your subject. Last, but not least, frame it perfectly and try not to accidentally crop out your subject.

Did you explore every angle of your subject?

If you’re not in a hurry, you might want to take a couple more photos of your subject from different angles. The answer and clarity to the viewer lies in the way it’s presented and maybe sometimes a subject photographed from above looks way more confusing than one taken from the right side.

The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is simpler than it sounds. To make the picture look more balanced to the viewer, aim to place the primary points of your interest along ‘third’ lines and avoid any horizon or other lines cut the picture.

Avoid Blurry Photos

This is a primary rule in taking good pictures and it can be solved very easily: try not to move when taking the photo. The trick to do so when you don’t have a tripod available is to keep your elbows close to your body. Also, look for any stabilisation features on your camera or lenses if you own a professional camera.

What about filters or editing?

Editing photos has never been easier, on smartphones especially. There are tons of apps and websites where you can easily edit your photo to clear out the blur, cut out any unwanted objects or crop it as needed. To make your job even better, you can always use filters. However, if you opt to use photo filters, make sure that they enhance the qualities of your subject and clarify the shadowed sides instead of just making it blurry.

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