Privacy Policy

Our business name is synchronized multi-integration media (a division of) The Buckmaster Institute, Inc. ("Company"). We are the owner of our web site Answer4img. All information provided in this Privacy Policy pertains to Answer4img.

  1. General
    1. Company takes User privacy seriously and takes reasonable efforts to protect your privacy. We have created this Privacy Policy ("Policies") in order to share with you our information collection and use practices. AS MORE CLEARLY DEFINED HEREIN, WE WILL NEVER KNOWINGLY SELL OR ASSIGN YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND OR APPROVAL. Please read these Policies carefully before sharing any personally identifiable information described below.
    2. These Policies apply solely to the web site located at ("web site"). Since this is a growing web site and because Internet technologies are constantly evolving, these Policies are subject to change at any time and any changes will be posted on this page.
    3. These Policies work hand-in-hand with the Terms of Use, found elsewhere on the Answer4img web site.
  2. Definitions

    The following words used in these Policies shall have the following meanings:

    1. "Personal Information" shall mean all data and/or information provided by and about User.
    2. "Answer4img web site" shall mean all web sites on which Company provides products and/or services.
    3. "Answer4img User" shall mean all registered Users of Answer4img.
    4. "Answer4img Products and Services" shall mean all products and/or services provided by Company.
    5. "Registration Information" shall mean the Personal Information Users are required to give to Company in the registration process, in order to access our services.
  3. What Personally Identifiable Information Does Company Collect and How Is It Used?
    1. In order to use the Services provided by Answer4img, you will be asked for certain personally identifiable information such as name, email address and other information. For example, when you create an Account, the information you provide may be used by us to communicate with you.
    2. Company will not collect personally identifiable information from Users while they use the web site, unless they voluntarily provide it to us or authorize us to collect such information. For example, if you post questions, you will be required to provide information to complete the purchasing transaction.
    3. Users may provide other information about themselves, in addition to the mandatory Personal Information ("Voluntary Information"). This Voluntary Information will tell other Answer4img Users more about who they are and encourage other Users to choose them as a contact that they would like to know more about.
    4. Users' Voluntary Information provided to Answer4img will be viewable to all Answer4img Users, unless restricted by them.
    5. All Answer4img Users may access your Profile and view the information displayed there, including all Voluntary Information they have specified to be made available to all other Users.
    6. Users may send other Answer4img Users a request for personal communication. Such other Users are then saved in their Profile, on a User contact list. When a Answer4img User allows a request for communication, this User will be listed as a Friend.
    7. Users may invite other Users to leave comments. All comments will be viewable to all other Answer4img Users.
    8. Users may send private messages to each other in order to create a new contact. Answer4img has preset privacy settings under Privacy Menu to default to the effect that all Users may send private messages. Users may restrict others from sending private messages to them.
    9. Company may use or disclose User's personally identifiable information to:
      1. operate and manage the web site;
      2. provide products/services that have been requested; or
      3. respond to other inquires or requests.
    10. In order to provide the best services to Users, Company may disclose User name on certain pages at We may also disclose personally identifiable information in the establishment or exercise of legal rights or defenses against legal claims, to comply with applicable laws or regulations, to comply with a valid legal process such as a search warrant, subpoena or court order or to investigate suspected fraud or a violation of our Terms of Use. We will never sell User Information to any third party not affiliated with Company, without consent, except in connection with the sale or merger of Company or the division responsible for such services provided.
    11. Company may also use such information for marketing their products and services to you ONLY IF you have not 'opted out' to receive such marketing information from us.
    12. When a User utilizes Answer4img's comment or Feedback, in order to communicate with other Users, Company will collect the content of those communications, as well as the content of any communication between User and us.
    13. Company may, from time to time, send or post surveys or requests for User feedback in order to help us make our web site and services better. Any responses we receive from Users will be used only to evaluate our web site and services and no personally-identifiable information from Users will be shared with any non-employees of Company.
    14. Company may, from time to time, send notices about special offers, promotions or contests. If you sign up to participant in any of these, we will collect your email address. If you are chosen for a promotion or as a winner in a contest, you give Company permission to use your name, image and other information about you, for marketing purposes.
  4. What Non-Personally Identifiable Information Do We Collect and How Is It Used?
    1. Company does collect and track certain non-personally identifiable information, including, but not limited to, IP numbers and browser type, access times, domain names, usage habits and other information which does not specifically identify any individual.
    2. Company may use and disclose non-personally-identifiable information for any number of reasons, including but not limited to, working with business partners and improving our web site and services.
  5. Does Company Offer Forums, Chatrooms and Groups?

    Company encourages communication between Users, therefore, Forums, Chatrooms or Groups that wish to focus in on specific topics of interest may be offered and created from time to time.

  6. Can I Invite Friends & Family?
    1. All Answer4img Users may invite new Users to discover Answer4img. Company shall process personal information collected in the course of the invitation, solely for the invitation and shall not use it for any other purposes.
    2. Please note that the following User personal information will be viewable to the recipient of the invitation:
      1. User's photograph, if uploaded;
      2. Number of Friends;
      3. Number of profile 'Hits';
      4. Month and year User registered with Answer4img;
  7. How Can I Find Other Users On the Answer4img Web Site?

    Answer4img offers several search options for finding Users. These search options may help, for example, in finding Users with certain types of interests or areas of expertise. These options include: searches via email, name, username or topic.

  8. Does Answer4img Have A Newsletter?
    1. Company regularly sends out newsletters or weekly status emails (collectively hereinafter referred to as the "Newsletter(s)") to all Answer4img Users (unless they 'opt-out'). In these Newsletters, we may inform you about new features from Answer4img and about the upcoming week's events.
    2. You may choose to unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any time by sending an email to the link provided at the end of each Newsletter.
  9. Does Answer4img Use Cookies?
    1. Cookies are small text files that a web site can write to your computer. Answer4img may use cookies to identify you and allow you to log in once to our web site and search or post without having to log in again.
    2. Cookies are also used by our affiliates to identify you as a User of Answer4img.
    3. Answer4img does not use cookies to store information such as credit card numbers, telephone numbers, or other information you provide. To maintain your privacy, you can disable your browser's ability to accept cookies.
    4. Our advertisers and third-party partners may use cookies on the Answer4img web site or an external web site. We have no access to or control over these cookies, hence, we will not be responsible for their use or misuse by them.
    5. This Policy covers the use of cookies by Answer4img. It does not cover the use of cookies by any other third party or advertiser.
  10. Is My Information Private With Answer4img Merchants and Advertisers?
    1. The Answer4img web site may contain links to various other third-party web sites and the external web sites of our advertisers and/or third-party partners. Each of these web sites may have a Privacy Policy that differs from that of Answer4img. The privacy practices of other web sites linked to us are not covered by this Privacy Policy.
    2. The only information that may be shared between Answer4img and one of our partner web sites is that which pertains to information used in the furtherance of tracking an order and providing User with correct information regarding same.
    3. Order information, including order numbers and amounts, may be available to Answer4img, affiliate merchants and third party affiliate program management companies, for accurate tracking purposes. This information will not be released by Company to other parties unless requested by you.
  11. What About Data Security?
    1. Company has instituted appropriate security measures that protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from Users.
    2. Company requires that our advertisers and partners ensure the security of the data that Users provide to them, however, in the event of a breach of their security measures, User agrees that Company will not be liable for any loss or damage to you.
    3. Company limits access to personal information about Users to employees for whom we reasonably believe it is necessary, in order to provide products or services.
    4. Company has physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with international regulations to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our web site.
  12. Can I Opt-out?
    1. Company gives you the option to remove your personally identifiable information from our list of active Users.
    2. You may also choose to opt-out of certain communications from Company, such as our Newsletter.
    3. All requests for unsubscribing or opting-out should be made by sending an email to Customer Support at We will respond within 24 hours.
    4. Company is not responsible for removing your personally identifiable information from the lists of any third party partner or advertiser who has previously been provided your information in accordance with this Policy.
  13. Where Is The Web Site Located?

    The Answer4img web site is maintained from within Canada. If you are located outside of Canada, by using our web site, you authorize the export of personally identifiable information to Canada and its storage and use as specified in these Policies.

  14. What Is The Minimum Age To Use The Answer4img Web Site?
    1. Use of the Answer4img web site and products/services are intended for persons who are thirteen (13) years or older. If anyone between the ages of thirteen (13) and seventeen (17) years obtains access to our web site services and/or products, it is understood that it is specifically done with the consent, approval and authorization of such persons' parents or legal guardians. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for their children's privacy and safety and should monitor their use of the Internet on a continuing basis. Under no circumstances will Company knowingly allow a person under the age of thirteen (13) years to set up a User account, even with the parents' or legal guardian's consent, approval or authorization.
    2. If proof comes to the attention of Company that a registered User is under the age of thirteen (13) years, and is accessing our services and/or products without the consent, approval or authorization of their parents or legal guardian, Company will immediately terminate such account
  15. Will There Be Changes to this Privacy Policy?
    1. Company reserves the right to amend these Policies at any time, in the event that this becomes necessary after their initial release, or in the event that it becomes necessary with respect to additional or amended services provided by Company.
    2. Company will not personally notify you of any amendments to these Policies. Users are urged to check these Policies frequently in order to determine whether any changes have been made. Users understand and agree that continued use of the Answer4img web site assumes that they have read and accepted these Policies, as may be amended from time to time.
  16. Where Can I Access These Policies?

    These Policies are accessible from the Home Page of the Answer4img web site, under the link "Privacy Policy".

  17. Section Titles

    The section titles used in these Policies are purely for convenience and carry with them no legal or contractual effect.

  18. What is the Effective Date of These Policies?

    This Policy was last updated on August 30, 2011.

Answer4img is operated by synchronized multi-integration media (a division of) The Buckmaster Institute, Inc. Hope you enjoy!

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