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To help you make the best questions and attract tons of answers, we’ve created a short guide with our Top Tips to ask good questions on Answer4img. Just as it is on any other website, the general rule is to ask yourself “What makes a good quality question?”

The answer is simple.

They are relevant, precise, asked in a friendly tone and provide enough information so the community can answer.

Did you try to Google your question first?

If you have/took a photo of something that you can’t identify or explain, then Answer4img is the place to find your answers. However, we encourage to avoid redundance and look for your answer on Google first.

Be precise and informative

A highly answerable question is short, precise and informative. Don’t spare the details, but also try not to confuse the reader with an overflow of information.

To help you organise the information and ask a good question, make sure you use the two boxes provided by Answer4img when you ask a question:

Give the community the chance to offer a good answer

Volume is not everything when asking a question. Long, dull phrases which are difficult to read will discourage the members of the community in replying.

If you are really interested in an answer, don’t make a question which leaves the other users the opportunity to reply with Yes or No. Instead, ask for more details with questions like: “What is..”; “How can you…”; “Why is…”; “Who can / knows…”

Stay friendly and positive

How many times have you not been taken aback by a rude or over-zealous tone in any online question or text? Asking a question on Answer4img is a simple as having a real conversation, with the benefit of global reach in your search for answers.

How would you ask your group of friends or professor a question about something that you can’t identify or understand and expect a decent answer in return? Do you want to get their attention? Then your tone of voice won’t be dull, rude or entitled. You will be passionate, address them directly and compliment their knowledge.

DO: “Dear passionate travelers, can you identify where this construction is located?”

DON’T: “Is this building weird or what?”

Get to know the Answer4img culture

You are a visitor of Answer4img who is thinking of subscribing and posting a question. Just as any website, Answer4img has its particularities: we offer you the chance to find your answers to a picture with just a simple upload. Just as any online community, the users are those who, under the Answer4img guidance, set the general tone of conversation and culture.

Please take your time to scroll through the questions and get acquainted with our culture. Asking the questions in the right way defines your success in obtaining answers.

You have found your answers, now it’s time to give back

The mission and values of Answer4img revolve around giving back to the community. This website has been created with the idea of helping Internet users find answers to possible questions they might have about the subject of a picture.

If you have posted a question, don’t forget to follow-up to the answers and thank the other users. If you are satisfied by the feed-back received and have some free time, give back to the community by helping other members find their answers as well.

To keep updated to your conversations, make sure you have the Notifications option activated in your Profile Settings.

Share on social media

Lastly, but not least important is social media. We strongly encourage you to keep the conversation alive by sharing your questions or any other interesting photos on social media. Who knows, maybe you’ll get more answers!

Answer4img is operated by synchronized multi-integration media (a division of) The Buckmaster Institute, Inc. Hope you enjoy!

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