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We help people find what they are looking for. In Answer4img, you upload a picture of something and ask what/why/how/where that is. It’s different, it’s fun.

Feeling curious? Visit the Q&A Answer4img website and share your knowledge with the world. Upload a pic and ask a question or simply share your knowledge!

Answer4img is the place to ask anything directly linked to a specific picture. Like: “what dog is this?” Simply upload a picture of what you are wondering, ask what/who/where it is, and wait for people to respond. It’s so simple and fun!

World-travellers love visiting new and exotic places. With Answer4img they can simply upload an image of an amazing place they have found on the internet and see if people can identify where that place is. You’d be amazed of how people are willing to help. It's also good for answering travel-related questions and for making travel friends!

What dog is this?
Where is this place?
Who is this man?
Why is there a ring around the sun?


This is a cool website that makes it so easy to get answers to your most tricky questions. Sometimes you don't really know what to type into Google Search when you're looking for something. Well, this website simplifies the whole process - you just post a pic with your question and people will start answering it - The great thing about it is that all answers will be to the point, you won't have to scroll a zillion pages down or try out a different phrasing. — Catrina

Satisfy Your Curiosity

The best way to identify things, people, places

Share Your Knowledge

The easiest way to provide answers and show off what you know

Have Fun

Engage with the community in a fun and interactive way

Post a pic, get answers, share your knowledge and have fun!

Have you ever wondered what something is? Like say, you’re walking down the street and wish you could just take a picture of it, upload the image on the internet and have people answer you quickly? Answer4img does this. It’s a very helpful and innovative way to find out things you cannot put into words! Instead of looking all over the Internet -- you can simply upload a picture of it, ask the Answer4img community what it is, and wait for the magic to happen! They’re always very helpful.

Suppose your friend shows you a picture of a watch he really liked. But you have no idea what brand it was nor where to find it — all you have is the image. But when you upload it to Answer4img, people can give you all sorts of information, including links to e-shops where I could purchase the watch as a gift. Everytime my friend thanks me for the watch, you can secretly thank the Answer4img community.

Answer4img is different since you ask a question related to a specific image. “What rock is this?”, “Where is this monument?”, “What is this bump that appeared on my knee?”, “Where can I buy these shoes?”, “Who is this person?”


Answer4img brings people together with an easy and fun way of sharing knowledge through image- based questions. It’s simple: post an image related to your question and ask the Answer4img community. As visual creatures, every day we see things and wonder “what/why/how is that?” Answer4img provides the answers to these everyday, so browse around, post an image or share your knowledge!

Answer4img is operated by synchronized multi-integration media (a division of) The Buckmaster Institute, Inc. Hope you enjoy!

Contact us or simply follow us on twitter at @answer4img. Here are the terms of service, the privacy policy and the change log for the website. We also have a help section.

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