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Are you a thought leader in your profession or area of study? Are you passionate about a certain subject? Are you looking for fun online communities where you can exchange ideas? Or are you just looking for like-minded individuals to stir-up conversations?

Then Answer4img is a great place to be.

Here you’ll find tons of questions accompanied by photos and many passionate users. If you are interested in participating and offering answers to questions posted on Answer4img, these guidelines will be helpful.

Offer informed answers

You are on Answer4img to have fun, but don’t forget that users are expecting real answers to their questions. If you stumble upon a photo and you immediately know the answer, this is great, feel free to share it!

Please keep in mind users are grateful when you offer extra-information and make the conversation even more interesting.

Research your answer

It’s always recommended to check on your answer from reliable sources. You can Google your idea and cross-check it with Google Images. On your path to discovery you will often find additional information. You are strongly encouraged to make use of the vast resources on the Internet and offer more thoroughly researched answers.

How well structured is your answer? Make sure you don’t confuse your audience

Just as it is in the case of questions, poorly structured sentences result in users not paying an interest in understanding them. When you decide to approach a certain question on the website, please make sure that you first answer directly, as concise as possible and then offer more details. Start from the root of the problem and make sure that you always offer the type of answer that is expected from the user.

Do you engage in the conversation or just write the first thing that comes to mind?

You might be the first, second or tenth person who offers an answer. Engaging in the conversation is paramount to the continuity of a good answer. Make sure you read the question and the added information provided, as well as all the answers given so far. You can choose to continue the conversation or offer new details, and you can successfully do so by addressing the particular user directly and introducing your point to the points already made. It’s as easy as in a face-to-face group talk.

Remember to follow-up

Whether you’re a frequent user or a one-time visitor, you should always follow-up with the other users on your answers. It’s so simple, it can be done with a simple click: activate the Notifications option on your Profile Settings.

Be respectful and friendly

Are you condescending and disrespectful when you talk to your friends or colleagues? If so, what was the feedback received? Not very positive, right? The same rules apply to Answer4img. If you believe in the power of giving back then you will refrain from making gratuitous comments or observations and blend into the Answer4img culture: community, openness, friendliness, positiveness.

Spread the word

Do you find a question particularly intriguing? Or did you develop a soft spot for Answer4img? We offer you the possibility to share the question or any other interesting photos on social media. This way, you not only help the user get more answers, but you will also be engaged in more interesting discussions.

Ask your question

Are you keen on answering questions on Answer4img but you’ve never uploaded your own questions? Don’t be shy, the community is happy to help you in no time! If you don’t know where to begin, find our guides to asking quality questions and taking good pictures.

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