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What is this insect called?
Is this crochet or knitted?
Is it true that the metal tooth fillings are dangerous for our health?
I love this scenery of Paris. Do you kind travellers remember its name?
Is this a real lake? Where is it located?
Is this an old vintage sleigh?
What snake is this? Black viper? It looks poisonous
What drink is that? I am thinking to make it for Christmas Eve...
Snorkeling with turtles in Akumal, MX. I was so focused on the turtles that I just saw this pic of a coral. What type is it?
How do you achieve this Christmasey coffee design?
Can you guess where this bad boy is from?
This tradition has taken place in Germany until the 1800s. Does anyone know what is was called and when was it taking place?
Are these polar foxes?
This cheesecake looks delicious! What is it? Anyone has the recipe?
What animal is this? It looks like a combination of monkey and bat?
OMG at this cutie pie! What breed is this?
Fried egg on top of pizza? Is this a real thing? Has anyone tried it?
Is it true that these shoes from Back To The Future have been released today?
What kind of gogles are these?
What condiment do they use to get this color on the chicken skewers?

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