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This pizza slicer really exists. True or false?
Does anyone know where these bones can be found in Greece?
What was this cat named?
Is this part of the wonders of the ancient world?
Can you solve this?
Can you solve this?
Is this a working type horse? I love the little red embellishments
Is Aloe as healthy as they say?
Is it true that the bisons are nearly extinct?
Is this mulled wine? Can anyone give me the recipe?
I love the way light falls into the canyon? Where can you find this?
My friend made this hairstyling for me. Do you know how it's called?
Took this photo b/c of how beautiful the red flowers mixed with the beach scenery. Anyone knows what flowers are those?
Who created this?
What plant is this? What is it good for?
I love the outside paintings on this house. Anyone knows where this photo was taken?
Is this the real size of hurricane Patricia, compared with Katrina, on Friday?
Beautiful! Do you know where this kind of tub has been created?

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