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What dog breed is this?
What kind of seeds are these?
Such an unfortunate illness. What is the operation called, do you know?
Fun riddle for you guys: do you know the answer?
Is this a type of pumpkin?
Could anyone tell me what kind of rash is this?
My favorite treats in the whole world, everyone!
What is this? An island or rock in the mainland?
What plantation is this?
Found this rose growing in my grandmother's yard. Does anyone know what type is it?
What are these? Are they edible?
Is this a real Sphinx? Where is it? It looks like it's been natural erosion?
This is Buttercup, an innocent looking plant. Is it true that it can be toxic to humans and the animals that eat it?
Interesting plant. Where can you find this?
As a big fan of roller coasters I can definitely say this is the Batman ride. Where is this photo taken?
What the hell is this bug?
A hot air balloon shaped as an ass. WHY?!?!
Where can I learn to carve pumpkins like this for Halloween?
Anyone know where this is? It's beautiful!
What is this type of art called exactly?

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