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What is this yoga pose called?
What kind of machinery is this? Looks old, rusty and vintage.
Jedi bread-toasting knife! Is this real or reality? How is it called?
Has anyone tried acupuncture for shoulder pain?
Where is this house located?
This looks so interesting, how is this dance called?
Thinking statue...Where is it located?
OK, I'm a Fetus. What does that say about me?
Special Thanksgiving, never without this Friends episode. How can you get your head in a turkey and still breathe?
His hair is like mine every morning! What species of monkey is this? Is it a baby chimp?
Who designed this watch?
Is it True that Balmain just launched a collection with H&M?
What type of frog is this?
Why do characters in anime bleed from their nose when they see a foxy chick?
What's that growing around the plant in my backyard?
Can some women have three boobs or this an illusion?
Who is this girl??
Here's a riddle! Do you know the answer?
Anyone know what's going on in this sculpture and where it's at?
The color orange is named after the fruit. True or false?

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