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For a question posted by whatthehell on Oct 21, 2015
Looks like traditional Albanian clothing. Some more information:
For a question posted by beachdude on Oct 21, 2015
It's in Andorra (between Spain and France). The name of the church is "Església de Sant Serni de Llorts"
For a question posted by danielle on Oct 22, 2015
In The Congo using Infra-Red camera film. Richard Mosse is an artistic photographer that did a trip into the DRC to create a film called 'The Enclave' "The film registers chlorophyll in live vegetation. The result is the lush Congolese rainforest rendered into a beautifully surreal landscape of pinks and reds." Further reading / viewing: Congo:
For a question posted by girllish on Oct 22, 2015
Boston Dynamics (now Google). Pictured is an all-terrain robot called BigDog
For a question posted by janee on Oct 28, 2015
Brazil + Italy. Brazilian design studio (Studio mk27) designed the tub for Italian bathroom manufacturer "The bathtub, named DR, has been designed to enable two users at the same time." Source:
For a question posted by zorro on Oct 28, 2015
Budgett's frogs. Also known as Lepidobatrachus, found in Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina Source:
For a question posted by gervais4president on Nov 4, 2015
Ari Atoll, Maldives. Swimming with Whale Sharks in Ari Atoll, Maldives Source:

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