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gervais4president asks: With Thanksgiving on the way, I'd rather share this sweets turkey since I'm a vegetarian. Anyone has the recipe?

Category Food — 1 answers — Score 1

beachdude asks: Is this sort of a Matrix?

Category Nature/Animals — 3 answers — Score 3

ioana asks: Beautiful wings, amazing creature. What species is this and where can you find it?

Category What? — 1 answers — Score 2

gervais4president asks: Is this sky real? If true, how does it turn out like this?

Category True or False? — 6 answers — Score 5

andruzca asks: Can you guess where this bad boy is from?

Category True or False? — 5 answers — Score 3

andruzca asks: This tradition has taken place in Germany until the 1800s. Does anyone know what is was called and when was it taking place?

Category World — 3 answers — Score -2

ioana asks: This prehistoric giant sloth just stole my heart. Giant fluff! Do you know at which museum was this picture taken?

Category World — 1 answers — Score 3

kur asks: Amazing forest. Strange looking crooked trees. I wonder where that is?

Category Where? — 3 answers — Score 5

danielle asks: This is Buttercup, an innocent looking plant. Is it true that it can be toxic to humans and the animals that eat it?

Category True or False? — 0 answers — Score 4

zorro asks: His hair is like mine every morning! What species of monkey is this? Is it a baby chimp?

Category Nature/Animals — 4 answers — Score 6

ioana asks: Found this photo of a boy in Quingdao, China swimming through a weird sea of algae. Anyone can tell what that is about?

Category What? — 2 answers — Score 2

janee asks: Who created this?

Category Who? — 2 answers — Score 3

kur asks: What type of mushroom is this? Is it poisonous?

Category What? — 3 answers — Score 1

andruzca asks: Are these polar foxes?

Category Nature/Animals — 3 answers — Score 3

whatthehell asks: What painting is this? It looks surreal but I can't seem to identify the artist

Category Art — 3 answers — Score 5

ioana asks: This looks amazing, where is this?

Category Where? — 3 answers — Score 5

stephan asks: Who came up with the napkin dispenser?

Category Food — 2 answers — Score 2

ioana asks: Is this animal real?

Category Nature/Animals — 1 answers — Score -1

andruzca asks: This cheesecake looks delicious! What is it? Anyone has the recipe?

Category Food — 0 answers — Score 2

kur asks: Is this an authentic Gitana guitar?

Category True or False? — 2 answers — Score 2

danielle asks: Interesting plant. Where can you find this?

Category Where? — 1 answers — Score 2

janee asks: What plant is this? What is it good for?

Category Health — 3 answers — Score 1

whatthehell asks: Wondering if anyone tried this: stuffing Kong balls with treats. Does it work to keep your puppy entertained?

Category Nature/Animals — 1 answers — Score 3

beachdude asks: Impressive equinox light at Stonehenge. Is this real?

Category True or False? — 1 answers — Score 1

ioana asks: Stumbled upon this video where cat can use the toilet and flush. How can I teach my cat to do this?

Category How? — 1 answers — Score -1

whatthehell asks: Movember is here! What is you moustache type?

Category Fun/Riddles — 1 answers — Score 1

danielle asks: As a big fan of roller coasters I can definitely say this is the Batman ride. Where is this photo taken?

Category Where? — 2 answers — Score 1

janee asks: I love the outside paintings on this house. Anyone knows where this photo was taken?

Category World — 2 answers — Score 2

andruzca asks: What animal is this? It looks like a combination of monkey and bat?

Category What? — 2 answers — Score 0

gervais4president asks: Is this braised cabbage? How can I get it to maintain this colour, mine always tends to turn black...

Category Food — 1 answers — Score 1

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